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Cutting-edge drone technology
for practical & sustainable applications.

AFC Drone Services offers a variety of professional 
drone services for forestry, conservation, real estate, & agriculture.

Analysis & Mapping

Helping forest management professionals use the latest technology for today's practical applications.

With applications in monitoring, mapping, and health analysis, we are ready to help you capture, create, and analyze your forest data.


Our core mission is to support organizations that protect and conserve our natural resources.

We support conservation projects by offering aerial data analysis and creating promotional videos that capture conservation efforts. 

 Real Estate 
video tours

Our unique video tours allow buyers to visually connect property locations to nearby amenities.  


Add value to your client's home buying experience by highlighting interior and exterior sought-after features.  


Getting real-time

boots on the ground crop 

information can be

time-consuming and costly. 

Our service is safe and efficient and allows for spatial analysis of your crops when you need it.

Creative Ideas.
Expert Knowledge.

Specialized Skills.

From orthomosaics and digital terrain models  

to stunning videography, the AFC team

is committed to assisting

you with a variety of projects to

meet your needs. 

Along with specialized drone service,

our in-house service provides imagery and data acquisition, color correction and video editing, 

data analysis, and GIS support.



Learn more about AFC's Services

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We remain committed to organizations dedicated to making our world a better place.

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Ready to see your
project from a bird's eye view?

Let's get started!

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