about AFC Consulting

AFC Consulting opened its doors in September 2017. We remain committed to the role we play in global sustainability, and we guarantee quality, reliability and honesty in everything we do.

As humans on this planet, we need to ensure we leave resources for future generations—and hopefully in much better shape than we found it. Having sustainable practices, whether at home or in business, makes that possible. 

That’s why AFC’s logo is the visual representation of our “sustainability circle.” 

AFC’s sustainability circle symbolizes an endless and eternal cycle of care for our planet.


We are proud members of the Forest Stewardship Council®, 1% for the Planet, and the Society of American Foresters.

Amanda Castelda, Owner and Consultant

“I absolutely love what I do.”


I’ve been involved in the sustainability and compliance industry for almost two decades. 


From market research and textile science to product safety and social compliance, every aspect of my education and career has touched on the relationship between consumers and the surrounding environment. 


After earning a Master of Science in consumer, apparel and retail studies from UNC Greensboro, I managed several global compliance programs for a large corporation, which included the chain of custody and compliance programs of over 30 locations globally. Since 2017, I have conducted over 200 chain-of-custody audits for certification bodies and consulting firms throughout the United States. In addition to completing continuing education courses, I have successfully completed the Rainforest Alliance FSC Chain of Custody Lead Auditor Course, ISO 9001:2015 Certified Lead Auditor Course, RSPO Supply Chain Certification Lead Auditor Course, and SA8000 Social Accountability Intro and Auditing Course.

I want to make a difference on this planet, and working in the sustainability industry helps me do that. I can support humankind in making sure we help protect our planet in small and big ways, whether it’s by using our resources responsibly or ensuring products are free of copious amounts of chemicals.

In my off hours, I enjoy experiencing with my family all the beauty our planet has to offer, including kayaking and hiking to waterfalls.

Joe Castelda, Drone Specialist

“I want to leave the forests better than we found them.”


Whether it’s as an FAA commercially licensed drone pilot or an emergency services paramedic, my main goal has always been to try to make a difference in sustaining life.

For almost a decade, I’ve served as a paramedic for one of the largest EMS services in North Carolina. In this capacity, I've gained expertise related to emergency life support and critical care. It was—and still is—fulfilling work, but a few years ago, I began to sense a need for change.

It was then that my wife and I took two amazing trips, one to Alaska and the other to Colorado. Climate change is very evident in Alaska, and the glaciers we visited have melted drastically in the past two decades. Colorado opened my eyes to the beauty of the Rocky Mountains, and while I’ve always had a deep love for the Appalachians, they don’t compare to the sheer size of the Rockies.


These two experiences fueled my desire to become a part of sustainability for our natural resources, and I decided to shift my main focus to helping my children—and future generations—inherit a greener and sustainable Earth.

When I’m not piloting drones, I’m continuing my work as a paramedic and spending as much time outside with my family as I can. You can also find me experimenting with spicy foods, reading up on pioneering forestry educator Carl Schenck, and daydreaming about standing in the shadows of the California Redwoods.

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