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About us

AFC Consulting, LLC, opened its doors in September 2017 with a strong focus on sustainability and compliance. Our founder Amanda Castelda traveled the nation providing safety compliance and sustainability certification consulting to businesses dedicated to making the world a better place. 

As the company expanded, our focus shifted to our true passion and mission—forestry and land management. And so in 2020, Joe Castelda took the pilot's seat and altered the company's course to focus on drone technology and services.

Our Focus on Sustainability

Sustainable ideals remain at our core, and we offer our services to improve land management practices and support sustainable land use within our community and region.


That’s why AFC’s logo is the visual representation of our “sustainability circle," which symbolizes an endless and eternal cycle of care for our planet. 


We are dedicated to helping protect our planet's resources for future generations by providing high-quality and inspiring aerial footage of our natural resources, making responsible financial decisions, and developing strategic partnerships.

Joe Castelda, Commercial UAV Pilot

“Leave it better than you found it.”


After serving almost a decade as a paramedic for one of the largest EMS services in North Carolina, I gained expertise related to emergency life support and critical care. It was fulfilling work, but a few years ago, I began to sense a need for change.

It was then that my wife and I began traveling. We made trips to Alaska, Colorado and within our own great state of North Carolina. Climate change is evident everywhere. In our area, climate change has negatively affected our forests with invasive species and pests. In Alaska, the glaciers we visited had melted drastically in the past two decades. Colorado opened my eyes to the beauty of the Rocky Mountains, and while I’ve always had a deep love for the Appalachians, they don’t compare to the sheer size of the Rockies.


These experiences fueled my desire to become a part of sustainability for our natural resources, and I decided to shift my main focus to helping my children—and future generations—inherit a greener and sustainable Earth.

When I’m not piloting drones, I'm researching technological advancements, applications, laws and regulations to promote a positive drone environment within our region. Aside from that, I'm spending as much time outside with my family as I can. You can also find me experimenting with spicy foods, reading up on pioneering forestry educator Carl Schenck, and daydreaming about standing in the shadows of the California Redwoods.

Licenses, Certifications, and Proficiencies

Licenses and Certifications

  • FAA Part 107 Commercial UAV Pilot

  • UAS North Carolina Commercial Operator

  • Michigan State University, Professional GIS Certificate

  • Pix4D Essentials Certification


  • ArcGIS Desktop Pro

  • QGIS 

  • Adobe Premier Pro

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Lightroom

  • Pix4D Mapper

  • Field Agent® Software


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Let’s start this journey together.

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