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Agriculture Analysis

The modern farming industry is at a crossroads with a rapidly evolving climate and increased demands for high-quality and sustainably sourced products.

Make more informed decisions using drone technology in your precision agriculture practices.  


With our Sentera Double 4K™ sensor identify areas of poor growth early in the season to gain insights where to focus fertilizer, herbicide or pesticide applications. 

Locate areas of concern with detailed NDVI data through quick scouting missions for improved management and assist with season long decision making. 

With our efficient data acquisition process, know what's happening with your crops in real-time with the accuracy you need. 



Sentera NDVI Fullmosaic.png

Image by Sentera

Sentera FullMosaic RBG.png
Stand count SS.png

Imagery by Sentera

Stand Count

Using FieldAgent® software by Sentera®, obtain sample area stand counts to direct boots on the ground for harvest estimates throughout the season.

Sample areas of healthy, stressed, or even after damaging storms to provide details for improved decision making. 


With software centered on detail and efficiency let's work together to have crop information ready throughout the growing season. 

Learn more about NDVI or NDRE.

Analysis Applications

Sentera Zoom RBG Mosaic.png

RBG Imagery

With true color imagery examine and map your crops from an informative and different perspective.

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