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Forest Analysis & Mapping

Where high-tech meets practical applications.

Aerial imagery with the timing and spatial resolution
that you need.   


Nothing can replace the hands-on, visual inspection that foresters provide. However, field surveys have their limitations.


To assist, our service provides data capture over 200 acres a day. We safely capture and map forests from above with data that can be stored, analyzed, and shared with stakeholders and planners. 

Safely visualize and evaluate terrain with difficult access or inaccessibility.

With our strong knowledge in GIS and photogrammetry, AFC Drone Services can provide you with quality data and mapping services to support your land management goals.


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NDVI Websitepic1.png


Our advanced Sentera Double 4K sensor uses electromagnetic radiation reflectance from vegetation to analyze biomass and chlorophyll content. From this we distinguish canopy differences, patterns, and anomalies that offer informative insights. 


With this data we not only identify the health of forest canopies but also quickly distinguish between mixed hardwood and conifer stands. Create harvest plans with realtime information and data to support your goals. 



NDRE Websitepic 3.png
NIR websitepic 3.png

NIR: Above

Near Infrared is key to both

NDVI and NDRE indices. NIR is 
reflected in higher amounts by

broadleaf tree species and less

in needleleaf species.

NDRE: Above                                     Provides a deeper look into

vegetative health of forest

canopies. Red edge wavelength

has less absorption than NDVI

therefore giving a more detailed

view of canopy health.            

NDVI: Common vegetative index that allows a distinct visualization of healthy versus stressed biomass.

Learn more about NDVI or NDRE.

Mapping and Analysis Applications

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Measure surface area, distance, slope, and volumetrics in a 3D environment.

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