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AFC’s extensive experience in compliance & sustainability plus our dependable & resourceful project management style makes us a perfect partner for companies wanting to make a difference.

Social Compliance

The National Safety Council reported that for every $1 that an employer invests in safety, an ROI of $3 to $6 is realized.


We can help build—and manage—programs for your organization to meet social compliance requirements, including:


  • fair labor, health & safety policies

  • internal auditing of your management systems

  • your company’s impact on the environment

If you’d like to learn more about what social compliance looks like, check out how these companies are doing it:



Product Safety

The goal of the Consumer Product Safety Commission is to ensure the safety of consumer products. 


The great news is that the regulations in place for product safety have contributed to the decline in deaths and injuries associated with consumer products over the past 40 years. And we want to continue to see those numbers improve.


These regulations address:



We can help you develop programs and guidelines related to restricted substances and ensure your products are safe—for everyone.

Paper Certification

“By creating demand for products from responsibly managed forests, [we’re] helping protect forests for future generations.”

 —FSC® International



Paper certification raises the industry standards in forest management, and this results in benefits across the board—and the globe.


  • Protections for forest ecosystems and ways to fight climate change

  • Opportunities for local economies

  • Economic benefits for your company

We handle everything related to FSC®, SFI and PEFC certification. Our services are à la carte and are most beneficial for companies with smaller budgets that need greater flexibility.

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Drone Services

Drone technology can be used for a variety of tasks that help promote a safer environment. With its remote monitoring capabilities, a drone can safely monitor, assess, and provide detailed imagery for a multitude of needs.

From responsible forestry to efficient property management, drone technology has proven to be beneficial in an array of applications.

  • Conservation awareness

  • Aerial imaging, videos, and maps

  • Industrial facility plotting or safety analysis

  • *COMING SOON* Forest management support using UAV mapping and vegetative analysis

AFC can elevate your business goals via our Drone Services. Not only can we be your boots on the ground, but AFC can be your eyes in the sky.

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While compliance may not be everyone’s cup of tea,
we absolutely love it.


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